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Latest Episode

Welcome to a Positive Mind with Positive Vibes! Today's episode is all about Stepping into your power and reclaiming who you are from the world. There are many things that we have have given our power to over the years and right now, the Universe is taking us through changes of cycles so that we can regain that power. This episode also goes into 5 important aspect or building blocks to reclaiming your power and creating the life that you desire and so rightfully deserve. 

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   The Show

Welcome to A Positive Mind with Positive Vibes, where Knowledge, Love, Motivation, Stimulation, Reflection, Encouragement come together in order to be received and shared with the world. Thank you for listening and if this made a difference in your life, please share this podcast in hopes that it will make a difference in the lives of others as well. May Peace, Love and Light be with you and may you forever grow and expand.




Austin Varvel 

Owner & Host 

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